Tech Prep™ evolves at GANT

The new GANT collection is inspired by the way your body and mind resets when you take a break from the frenetic pace of life in the big city. For some people, this might mean a trip to the countryside; for others, a retreat within the city itself.

August 2017, Dubai, UAE: Whether the getaway is physical or mental, you return to your metropolitan world refreshed and with new perspectives. This gets you ready to take on new challenges, and resume your productive, goal-driven life.

This collection has been created with everyday performance and functionality in mind. Colorful, sporty and ideal for an active lifestyle, the collection is designed for all kinds of fall activities, both outdoor and indoor. It includes preppy daywear for your back-to-work wardrobe, to active-wear suitable for social winter sports, and occasion wear for festive family gatherings.

In line with GANT’s heritage, the end of the season is a celebration of colour and a nod to GANT’s credo of “Never Stop Learning”.

The Tech Prep range just gets better and better, Tech Prep pieces are perfect – and practical – for people who live their lives constantly in motion. The innovative fabrics are designed for enhanced comfort but cut for a high-degree of style.

“GANT’s credo is Never Stop Learning, and in this second generation of Tech Prep we have broadened the collection and added even more styles with further innovation. Our passion is to exceed our consumers expectations and with these shirts we are confident we will.” says Patrik Nilsson, CEO of GANT.

Originally launched in February 2017, Tech Prep enhances the timeless GANT look with smart technology that supports an active lifestyle. Innovative fabrics give a buttoned-up look but a feeling of freedom. Quick-drying, breathable fabrics with improved wicking are engineered to keep you cool, dry and comfortable – whether you are jumping into a meeting, jumping onto a plane, or just meeting up with friends.

This season presents a warm palette of pinks and reds, with splashes of punchy orange and muted marines, topped off with a range of creamy beiges and browns to tie the shades together.

The focus is on packable and reversible layering garments that are adaptable and functional. There’s a preppy twist with college-inspired stripes on warm Oxfords.

Tech Prep quality is added to wool and shirt weaves, giving everyday garments a modern and active touch. Later in the season, the focus shifts to knitwear for the colder temperatures, and polka dots for shirts.

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