ZIPPY Fall/Winter 2017 Launch

ZIPPY strengthens its family role with its new FW17 Collection

September 2017, Dubai – UAE,

It’s Back to School, and to help families get back into the daily routine, ZIPPY introduces an exciting new Autonomy concept to the AW17 Collection called “BIG ME”. This strengthens the brand’s commitment to a child development, reinforcing ZIPPY’s role as a partner for parents in their everyday lives.

Set on making that first hour of the day easier, ZIPPY has thought of a few clever functionalities to include in shirts, trousers and footwear, so that children can get dressed on their own, stimulating their learning skills and consequently, their self-esteem. Key features include:

  • Easy to button up shirts: a colourful line with a signalling buttonhole for children can see where they should get started.
  • Trousers with snap buttons: so children can put them on or take them off easily, with functional elastics inside to strength to their waists.
  • Footwear includes: insoles with drawings to identify which foot goes with which shoe. Velcro and elastic shoelaces add to the easier daily task for your little ones.

This new collection uses the best fabrics and high quality materials, combined with a value proposition designed to please a wide-ranging target. AW17 themes are divided into COLLEGE and ACADEMY for both boys and girls across the baby and kids ranges. For cold winter days, ZIPPY introduces the OUTDOOR collection, inspired by nature and mountain animals. Heavier and more textured fabrics with intarsias and jacquards feature, with thicker and warmer knitwear.

Girls: Children & Baby

The COLLEGE theme has a more relaxed look. The beginning of the season will see a mix of patterns, checks and strips, incorporated in modern design pieces, along with flower denim embroideries to depict leaves turning in the fall. Red and blue stars, combined with yellows and touches of white, bring light to the colour palette.

Colours with evolve into dark green with a few dashes of pink, and material will range from more delicate fabrics to knitwear, carded terry cloths and carbon-finished jerseys. These pieces feature delicate details such as English embroidery and pearly buttons.

The ACADEMY collection has a more practical and carefree look, ruled by grey and pink tines, with slight details in yellow and green mint adding a fresh touch. These easy to wear clothes focus on comfort and elastic materials, with joggers and terry cloths taking the lead role.

Boys: Children & Baby

Urban and practical style fits in with the COLLEGE theme. This collection is inspired by North American universities, including more preppy pieces in navy-blue, red and light blue tones, paired with luminous green and yellow details. Chinos, check shirts, jerseys and long sleeve polos take centre stage with nautical stripes.

The ACADEMY theme for boys, inspired by sports, is practical and care-free. In red, blue and green tones combined with yellow and orange, garments will feature sports graphics and symbols in comfortable fabrics.


ZIPPY develops the MIX & MATCH collection across the entire range, from apparel and footwear to accessories.

For girls, the MIX & MATCH capsule explores more expressive aspects, playing with interactive elements for children on their own clothes. Key elements include cloud prints, fruits and floral patterns in pink, light blue and tones of grey.

For boys, MIX & MATCH inspiration comes from colourful retro car tracks. This is a fun theme, made up of cloth and jersey garments that are easy to match. Featuring bright colours, with a predominance of red, blue and yellow tones, prints are designed to allow children to interact and play with their clothes.


The newborn collection evokes nostalgia through soft colour palettes and snugly fabrics. For babies, the brand presents the HELLO WORLD capsule, with neutral colours and unisex pieces.

Neutral and pastel colours are most prevalent in the COUNTRYSIDE theme, along with indigo blue blends in harmony with cinnamon and coral tones.

ZIPPY additionally introduces the ICE MOUNTAIN theme in grey, sky blue and white tones, featuring knitwear with wool, cotton and polar that guarantee comfort and protection for those cold winter days.


With the arrival of a newborn, comes a new world of discovery. It is a moment of pure joy, however it can also be a moment of uncertainty or doubt. Fear no more, ZIPPY can help! ZIPPY can provide future parents with an essential guide on what you need for your newborn.

Walk, Sleep, Eat, Play and Bath are the primary categories covered within Nursery, and our store teams will be able to provide the best suggestions on a wide range of high quality ZIPPY products.

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